About Farsh Ara

SunLand Inc. which is orginated from the name of Great Khorasan, is a new comer through the Iran Agricultural Industry. This company has been established with well-experienced cultivating methods that are implemented in the saffron and herbs industry.
Since 2015, we have come to realize that it’s necessary to improve knowledge levels of farmers ,develop high quality packaging and innovation in the herbal and saffron production. Therefore we have established our company with the name of “Robina Gol Pasargad”, and over two years period we obtained the necessary permission under standard authorization, we have started our business under the name of “SunLand”
SunLand technical and management team aimed to enhance the international position of Iranian brand and promote culture of herbs consuming by concentrating on choosing high quality material and well-designed packaging that so far we have had the honor to produce unique productions that are able to compete with the International and local brands.
We hope that your support and suggestions will be our guide to move forward in the way that Sunland considers to excel the quality of Iranian goods and improves the health of the community.